Let PLC care for your lawn and landscaping, so that you can spend more time enjoying all that your outdoor living space has to offer.  We offer a variety of services always completed with customer satisfaction as our #1 priority.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

On every visit, your turf will always be left looking its best.  Excess clippings, while unsightly, are also damaging to the turf’s health.  All of our equipment is set-up to ensure clippings are chopped up finely enough to decompose as quickly as possible.  Our equipment is always maintained and up to date.  Blades are sharpened every day to ensure the sharpest, best cut.

Trim and Prune Shrubs

A few minutes spent pruning is one of the best things you can do for the plants in your yard, but it is one of the most neglected tasks.  Why?  The risks of butchering the plants seems high.  Let PLC trim your shrubs the right way.

Edging and Mulching

All beds are given a deep cut edge and mulched using a mulch type of customer’s choice.  Mulch is laid at a minimum depth of  2-3″, depending on conditions of  beds.  Mulch, while always creating a fresh visual appeal, is also helpful in preventing weeds, and retaining moisture for trees and shrubs.

Stone Installation

There are a variety of stone available for to choose from so that any visual look can be achieved, whether it be for an accent, a dry river bed or for drainage

Annual flowers Installation

We can install your seasonal flowers and the beauty of these speak for themselves.   Annuals are the plants that add color to a landscape and attract beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.   Whether it is impatiens in the summer or mums in the fall, the beauty of these plants speak for themselves. We can install them for you!

PLC also offers a Seasonal Maintenance Program – something we call a spring or a fall cleanup.  This offers a solution for our clients to get their yard in tip top shape for the season.  It may include hand pruning, weeding, ground cover control, pruning, mulching, cleaning out of beds, and leaf removal. Whatever your needs are, PLC can help!

Tired of your existing landscaping?  Is it starting to look dated?  Maybe it is time for a landscape renovation.  We can remove some or all your old landscaping and start with something new, whether it be just shrubs, or complete bed shapes and sizes.

If there are other services you are interested in, please do not hesitate to ask as estimates are free.