Outdoor Kitchens

Some people are really attached to their grills! Many use their grills all year round. If you fit in this category, you will just love what we do!!! We will custom make your outdoor kitchen to fit your needs.

We can install the grills, lights, cabinets, refrigerators, Keg-aerators, bun warmers, pizza ovens, and sinks. If you want it in your kitchen and it will survive the weather, we can install it.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Firepits

A heat source such as fireplaces or fire pits greatly extends the season you are able to be outside.  Roast marshmallows for smores on a cool Fall evening or roast hot dogs for a fun impromptu dinner. We custom make fireplaces and fire pits.  We can even make you an outdoor pizza oven. If custom made is not what you have in mind, we also install kits from top manufacturers.  Not the type of person that likes to get the fire started? How about a gas conversion?


Pavilions, Covered Porches, Pergolas and Gazebos

Sometimes it’s just nice to be in the shade. Some things aren’t made to be rained or snowed on. For those occasions, we recommend our pavilions. We will design and fabricate your pavilion to fit your needs. We will plan for your components and help you fit everything you need into it. We can use composite materials for the more modern look or a beautiful wood finish.

Some occasions call for just a little cover. Maybe a pergola is for you. We will design and custom fit to meet your needs. The pergola has great potential. We use them over grill areas and mount our lights for grilling in the dark. We also can train plants to grow on them for a more natural setting. We install pvc pergolas as well as composite materials or wood.

A covered porch offers some protection to your guests who arrive in the inclement weather conditions. Not to mention how nice it looks and completes the front of your home. We install your covered porch and the steps and landing to go with it.

An outdoor bar offers additional seating for your outdoor space.  Why not bring out the TV and watch the football game?  Combined with an outdoor kitchen, the cook can chat with friends while grilling.


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