Landscape Lighting may be what takes your yard and home from basic to bling!

The security aspect of having your home lit at night is only a bonus. Our design professionals will accent your home and landscape with quaint but effective night lighting.  The low voltage LED lighting systems that we design and install are very economical to run. We use different types of lighting to illuminate your home and yard.

Path Lighting

Path light are small posts that have a light built in and are capped with a diffuser.  They can be spread down a walkway or used to frame a pond, pool or driveway.   They can also help prevent falling.


These are the backbone of any landscape system and can illuminate a large area.  They can highlight a number of outdoor features including uplighting of trees or lighting up your patio.

Hardscape & Step Lights

Step lighting is installed into the actual stairs and allow travelers safe passage.  Hardscape Lights are also installed into the actual structure and are used to wash and graze walls with light.

What makes a space special during the night is the play of light and dark, highlighting features that you may not take note of during the day and creating contrast and shadows using the forms and plants in your yard. Playing with these elements creates intrigue and drama, and a well-lit space will often be one in which you want to stay.

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