Set the stage for your outdoor space

We believe the art of design in the Hardscape is the basic strength and foundation in every garden or landscape.  PLC has many types of hardscape.  This consists of everything in the landscape that does not grow.


These are often a starting point for most homeowners.  They can be flat, raised, multi-level as shown, or a pool patio.  We can do all of these!

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Walkways and Paths are helpful in directing foot traffic.  With many material options to choose from such as flagstone, concrete pavers, gravel, and natural or man-made stepping stones.  Their design can make the landscape interesting.


Your driveway is usually the most visible feature of the front of your property.  It is often overlooked.  There are many ways to improve your driveways look with durable, attractive stone work.

No custom patio, walkway or driveway would be worth the time and effort to install if the job isn’t done correctly.  That’s why PLC installation crews are well trained and managed.  We make sure each patio and walkway is constructed with the proper grading and drainage, that the base is deep enough and base material compact to prevent settling issues.

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